February 2022 – You have the venue, selected a theme, and decided on the band. It feels like you have it all figured out, but there are still many things to be done. But don’t get so caught up in planning that you forget the little details that mean so much. The small details can result in success or failure for a big event.

For instance, think about your tabletop rentals in Oahu. Whether for the head table or Guest tables, decorations are necessary to add that festive touch, as well as to let Guests at the table remember you’re thinking about them. Choose pieces that tie in your theme and support the décor. From vases to lamps to candles and figurines, the items that top the dinner tables make each setting special.

Theme-Oriented Creativity

Think about pieces that fit with your theme. A lantern with a flickering candle is a romantic and old-fashioned way to light and decorate a table. How about a rectangular wooden box filled with flowers for rustic, yet appealing beauty? Then, too, glass vases are always elegant; especially when surrounded by votives and flowers.

A tablecloth isn’t quite enough to make a great impression. Instead, hold out for finding those finishing touches that make your special occasion oh-so-memorable.