January 2022 – The more time spent in pajamas in the confines of home the more angst we have for environments that get our adrenaline pumping. If you are looking for the silver lining, there is some good news to keep in mind.

Our team provides worry-free rentals with our drop-and-go service and sanitation protocol that protects your guests and gives you peace of mind. Fewer guests mean that you can splurge on decor with more pzazz and upgraded rentals. A more fanciful tablescape or an extra lounge set offers beauty up close and gives you space to sprawl. With large inventory and wide a selection, weโ€™ve got a table for every household as hosts work to space seating. We’ve can custom hand-washing stations that provide delightful spaces where one can refresh and rejuvenate. For event spaces such as bars, food stands or smaller dining areas where social distancing can be challenging, our partitions include custom-built structures and faux boxwood hedges that double as to adore while supporting functional distance.

There are so many options to explore!