August 2023 โ€“ The year is in full swing and there are a few concepts that we see at EventAccents as noteworthy trends in Hawaii.

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Practices

Hawaii is becoming even more focused on sustainability and waste reduction. So adopting practices that minimize the event’s carbon footprint is an emerging value and mindset. More and more, our Clients are looking to explore our inventory in earnest before ordering items on their own that will likely end in a landfill.

Customized & Interactive Experiences

Personalized and interactive elements continue to be in great demand and our inventory of games and activities continues to grow. Attendees are increasingly seeking personalized and unique experiences. This may include interactive DIY activities, photo booths with advanced features such as our swing set and suite of lawn and table games from foosball to basketball to giant jenga.

Fusion of Cultural Influences

Hawaii’s diverse cultural heritage offers opportunities for blending different traditions and creating unique event experiences. Hawaii’s rich culture and history are often integrated into events. Incorporating tropical elements into event decor includes using vibrant floral arrangements, tiki torches, tiki bars, colorful linens and island-inspired props such as our towering white palms to create a festive atmosphere thatโ€™s also relaxed.


Creative and visually striking installations, such as large-scale art pieces, floral installations and innovative lighting designs, are in hot demand in 2023 and create a visually captivating ambiance at events. Our warehouse holds more than 30,000 specialty decor and rental products as well as custom-built furniture and art installations for your next event.

At EventAccents, we are setting trends and tracking ones.