Shelter Guests with Tent Rentals That Complement Your Design

Tents aren’t just for camping anymore, especially with décor-themed tent rentals on Oahu. Whether your event is elegant, whimsical, or grand, a large or small sized tent is a welcome and attractive addition to the décor. A large tent is ideal to seat and feed scores of guests at an anniversary party, while a small one is a perfect setting … Read More

Party Rentals on Oahu Make Your Event Extraordinary

You want your event to be the one that everyone remembers. To do that, set the stage with party rentals on Oahu that reflect the theme and will be sure to wow your guests. You can save money and time by using a party rental service to find everything you need. Depending on the purpose and setting of your event, … Read More

Setting the Table with Linen Rentals in Oahu, HI

Corporate events often demand a certain level of elegance that the everyday table cloth can’t deliver. When you want to project elegance and authentic investment in your upcoming occasion, the best way to get the right results for great value is with linen rentals in Oahu, HI. With the right service, you can take advantage of a simple, easy solution … Read More

Making the Most of Holiday Chair Rentals in Oahu, HI

When it comes to corporate holiday events, one of the most important elements for any planner to consider is seating. Most offices and other public spaces have the chairs they need for everyday operation, but few have appropriate options for a large-scale gathering. Fortunately, you don’t have to keep spare seating in storage to deliver a memorable occasion for your … Read More

Choose EventAccents for Convenient Furniture Rental in Honolulu

Finding the right furniture for a corporate holiday gathering can be tricky. You want to make sure you can comfortably accommodate everyone; at the same time, you also need the furnishings to match your decorations and themes. Fortunately, you can get everything you need from EventAccents. We offer convenient furniture rental in Honolulu, including plenty of options perfect for the … Read More

Holiday Event Rentals from the Big Island for Your Company

When you’re gathering during the holidays, your visitors expect comfortable accommodation, beautiful decorations, and seasonal cheer. Make sure you have everything you need by working with EventAccents. We provide holiday event rentals throughout the Big Island of Hawaii, and we travel to other islands as well. Organizing a business celebration or ceremony during the holidays can be a challenge. Not … Read More

Ringing in the New Year with Table and Chair Rentals in Oahu

Year-end festivities allow friends and family to celebrate and look to the future with hope and confidence. Any successful, fun-filled gathering requires planning. Therefore, it is important to consider the details before sending out those invitations. Today, we’ll discuss an often-overlooked, yet an always-necessary fixture in the venue: table and chair rentals. In Oahu, themed events are almost like a … Read More

Special Event Essentials Every Host Needs

When you’re putting together a special event for your friends, family, or coworkers, there are a few items you’ll definitely need. After all, food and music may be the staples of any good gathering, but what about décor?  The right furnishings can make or break a big to-do. Bring the best of style and comfort to your holiday event or … Read More

3 Reasons to Consider Catering Event Rentals in Hawaii

If you’ve put in the effort to find the right Partners, select the right menu, and plan out all of the elements of your event, don’t let haphazard presentation put a damper on the occasion. Almost as important as the food and drinks are how you choose to display them. That’s why catering event rentals in Hawaii make the perfect … Read More

Take Things Up a Notch with Exhibitor Rentals in Hawaii

Corporate events can make or break your business. They’re your chance to attract and impress potential Clients who come looking for the best Partner for their projects. If you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd, you’ll need an exhibit that sets the right tone for a wide range of interactions. That’s where utilizing exhibitor rentals in … Read More