LIGHTS, Camera, Action!

No starlight, no problem! Create your own night sky with our twinkling Bistro Lighting. These simple, yet stunning string lights can be placed under a cabana, over the dance floor, above lounge seating or throughout an entire Event space. Make a statement with our collection of chandeliers. From Capiz to spiral to crystal, we have an assortment of bold, yet … Read More

“Be all you can be.” – U.S. Army recruiting slogan (1980-2001)

Capture the essence of the classic hit television show with our M*A*S*H props and assorted vintage military decor. Have a drink at Rosie’s Bar, have a laugh in the barracks, or take a walk through the field hospital. Light up your military themed Event with our versatile kool. geo bar. This simple, yet elegant piece can be illuminated in red, … Read More

Get Rustic

Beautiful summer weather provides the perfect setting for an outdoor dinner party, and our, Dark Wood Collection will help you achieve a rustic, yet chic summer ambiance for your Guests. Pieces in this collection include: This beautiful Mahogany cabana sets the stage for any Event. Draped with a light fabric in the color of your choice, it can be used … Read More

Rustic Chic Weddings

Rustic Chic continues to be one of this wedding season’s hottest trends. This theme creates a rustic, yet elegant wedding when paired with certain furniture and accent pieces. See how you can create your own rustic, yet elegant themed wedding. Take some notes from Jennifer and Phil’s beautiful wedding that was hosted at Sunset Ranch. This tent is as elegant … Read More

Game on!

As soon as the puck hits the centerline, it’s game on! This two-person table is perfect for quick but intense one-on-one battles. Set up a court and get some rallies going with our badminton set. Easy to use and fun to play, this game will have everyone out of their seats and asking for a turn. Invented more than 150 … Read More

Mirror, Mirror!

Mirror, mirror on the tabletop and the floor…we have what you’re looking for! That’s right, EventAccents offers beautiful mirror end table rentals and mirror table tops that are the perfect addition to special events.

Top 10 In 2016

This lighted sphere can be placed on the ground to create a lighted walkway, hung overhead to light a room, and can float in water. Can be lit in any color. You can also brand the sphere with your company logo or custom design for more aesthetic appeal. This sturdy yet comfortable ottoman seats up to eight Guests and can … Read More

Get A Charge Out of Your Next Event!

These days everyone likes to stay engaged at Events, whether they are live tweeting, posting selfies, or making a Facebook update. So, why not incorporate charging stations to allow Guests to conveniently charge up their electronic devices right there at your Event. Our kool. Charging Cubes are versatile and stylish and can be used as table centerpieces for almost any … Read More

Summer Catering Taken to the Next Level

Turn up the heat this season for a hot summer extravaganza! From propane burners and grills for your barbecue needs, to coolers and ice buckets to keep the drinks chilled, we have all the necessities needed for the perfect on-site cooking set up. Head outdoors and cook up some fun for Guests with these handy items. It’s not a Hawaii … Read More

Summer Beach Wedding Necessities

Ditch the heels and grab a pair of sandals for a sunny seaside wedding. Here are all the Hawaii wedding rentals you‘ll need to hold your wedding at the beach.