Get A Charge Out of Your Next Event!

These days everyone likes to stay engaged at Events, whether they are live tweeting, posting selfies, or making a Facebook update. So, why not incorporate charging stations to allow Guests to conveniently charge up their electronic devices right there at your Event. Our kool. Charging Cubes are versatile and stylish and can be used as table centerpieces for almost any … Read More

Summer Catering Taken to the Next Level

Turn up the heat this season for a hot summer extravaganza! From propane burners and grills for your barbecue needs, to coolers and ice buckets to keep the drinks chilled, we have all the necessities needed for the perfect on-site cooking set up. Head outdoors and cook up some fun for Guests with these handy items. It’s not a Hawaii … Read More

Summer Beach Wedding Necessities

Ditch the heels and grab a pair of sandals for a sunny seaside wedding. Here are all the Hawaii wedding rentals you‘ll need to hold your wedding at the beach.

Going All Out…doors!

Summer is officially here, which means outdoor fun in the sun! As you’re preparing for some summertime fun, we’ve put together some of our top picks for outdoor event must-haves! Our Rustic Benches pair wonderfully with our Farm Tables, seen here, or you can mix them up with a bench on one side of the table and chairs on the … Read More