“Be all you can be.” – U.S. Army recruiting slogan (1980-2001)

Transform your next Event into all it can be with our military themed props, furniture and decor. These items are perfect for a retirement party, Veteran’s Day celebration or special commemoration.

  • M*A*S*H Props

    Capture the essence of the classic hit television show with our M*A*S*H props and assorted vintage military decor. Have a drink at Rosie’s Bar, have a laugh in the barracks, or take a walk through the field hospital.

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  • kool. Geo Bar

    Light up your military themed Event with our versatile kool. geo bar. This simple, yet elegant piece can be illuminated in red, white and blue and complements almost any lounge or Event environment.

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  • Giant Frame

    Our giant frame can serve as a photo prop or display piece. In this case, it was the perfect way to showcase the powerful graphics created for an Event.

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  • American Flag

    Bring a patriotic feel to any indoor or outdoor Event with our American Flags. Available in multiple sizes, these flags can serve as an accent piece or focal point of your Event.

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  • Throw Pillows

    Our red and blue accent pillows are perfectly paired with our white lounge sets, providing a subtle but consistent theme throughout your Event.

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For more of our collection of specialty Event props and decor, check out our online catalog here. Or, visit our Event gallery to get inspiration for your next military themed Event.