Game on!

It’s all fun and games this spring with EventAccents. Whether you’re planning an outdoor party, themed wedding, barbecue or keiki birthday, these games will liven up any Event.

Our selection of games include the following:

Air Hockey Table

As soon as the puck hits the centerline, it’s game on! This two-person table is perfect for quick but intense one-on-one battles.

Badminton Set

Set up a court and get some rallies going with our badminton set. Easy to use and fun to play, this game will have everyone out of their seats and asking for a turn.

Croquet Set

Invented more than 150 years ago, this game brings just as much excitement to a party as it did in the 1800s. Grab a mallet, pick a color and challenge your friends to see who can finish the course first.

Duo Basketball Arcade Game

Test your shooting prowess with this 60-second game of skill, perfect for any sports themed Event or kids birthday party.

Foosball Table Game

Gather around the table, grab a rod and pretend you’re at the USTSA World Championships! Make a 5-bar pass, try an aerial shot or score the winning goal with this high-energy game.

Ping Pong Table Game

Play like a champion with our Ping-Pong table game. Play one-on-one or team up for a game of doubles. Just a warning, the competition will get fierce.

Pitch Target Game

This 2-in-1 training set features a multi-position ball return on one side and a pitch trainer target on the other. Take a few practice throws, and then see who can hit their targets the most.

Volleyball Net

Whether you’re having an indoor or outdoor Event, get everyone involved with our volleyball net. Set up a tournament, pick the themes and see who will be crowned champions!