Get A Charge Out of Your Next Event!

These days everyone likes to stay engaged at Events, whether they are live tweeting, posting selfies, or making a Facebook update. So, why not incorporate charging stations to allow Guests to conveniently charge up their electronic devices right there at your Event.

Our kool. Charging Cubes are versatile and stylish and can be used as table centerpieces for almost any type of Event. They are cost-effective and can be designed a number of different ways – see below for just some of the options! Our cubes can be lit any color and branding is available for an additional fee. They charge iOS and standard Android devices and are offered wireless or hardwired for longer use time.

  • charging-cub-1
  • charging-cub-2

What are you waiting for? Engage visitors, promote your brand and keep Guests happy by getting a charge out of your next event!