Themed Bar Rentals in Oahu, HI

Planning drinks for your next event? From weddings to office parties, a great bar can make or break the occasion. It’s where Guests receive their cocktails, but that also makes it a central hub of activity — one you want to fit with the theme and décor of the day. If you don’t keep personalized bar sets on hand, EventAccents has you covered.

We provide great quality and fully functional bar rentals in Oahu, HI. With us on your side, you can instantly add a reliable serving area and a fresh splash of style to any event space. Our catalog includes everything from elegant arrangements to classic outdoor styles, which means there’s always something to suit your décor and help you set the right tone.

Complete Event Support

We’re more than just a rental company. Our experts help Clients of all kinds to unlock the full potential of event planning and coordination. If you aren’t sure which option is right for you, let us lend a hand. We offer advice on our bars and other furniture rentals to make sure you feel confident in your space before the first Guest arrives. Call today for personalized assistance with any part of the rental process.

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