Packages for Wedding & Event Rentals in Hawaii

Everybody wants their special event to be a hit, but not everyone has the money to buy all of the different pieces of furniture, lighting, and other necessities to make it happen. EventAccents can help anyone achieve their goal of having a fantastic time by providing affordable luxury event rentals in Hawaii.

From corporate events to wedding rental packages, we offer the rental items you need–including lounge furniture, surfboard tables, lighting, and wicker lounge sets—you need to make sure your Guests are having the time of their lives. It doesn’t matter if you want a modern corporate event, a glamorous wedding, or anything in-between; we are ready to help you design the perfect party to fit your style.

Rental Packages to Save Money

The more you rent from us, the more you save, and the easier it is for you to design a fun and fabulous event. We offer a wide range of design themes to make it easy for you to find complementary rental items that bring your entire vision together.

No matter what the occasion, our rental packages are sure to be a hit with your Guests as well as within your budget. Contact our specialty décor and event rental company today to begin discussing your event ideas with our helpful staff.

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