Tabletop and Centerpiece Rentals in Hawaii

We all know that weddings are incredibly special events. Often having years of buildup and expectation, it is of the utmost importance that they go off without a hitch. After all, no one wants to go through all of that work and stress only to have it fall apart.

Styles to Suit Every Bride

When you’re planning your next wedding, EventAccents will make sure that all of the details are in line with your style requirements. Whether you’re going for rustic chic, glam, traditional, or tropical, we have just the right items to accommodate your style. The finishing touches have to be perfect, from the atmosphere to the décor, and you can rely on our Team for just that. With our tabletop rentals and more, you can rest assured that your Guests will be wowed when they enter the room. So come on down to EventAccents and find a wide range of rental options perfect for your dream wedding, including:

  • Napkin Ring Rentals
  • Candle Rentals
  • Tabletop Item Rentals
  • Wedding Centerpiece Rentals
  • Vase Rentals
  • Lantern Rentals
  • Décor Rentals
  • Furniture Rentals

Not Just for Weddings

But our products aren’t just perfect for weddings! Our range of products will come in handy at corporate events, parties, and much more. Contact us today and learn more about our tabletop and centerpiece rentals in Hawaii.