Shelter Guests with Tent Rentals That Complement Your Design

Tents aren’t just for camping anymore, especially with décor-themed tent rentals on Oahu. Whether your event is elegant, whimsical, or grand, a large or small sized tent is a welcome and attractive addition to the décor. A large tent is ideal to seat and feed scores of guests at an anniversary party, while a small one is a perfect setting for the minister, bride, and groom. The tent acts as an arbor, while the guests look on from outside.

Essential for an outdoor event, such as a graduation celebration, a tent is a practical part of the décor, providing protection from the elements and making room for your event. However, a tent can be decorative and appealing, too. Tie back the side panels for graceful drapery that allows the party furniture and decorations inside to show through. You can even use accessories to dress up the tent itself.

Another element that adds beauty to a tent is the lighting. Chandeliers, hanging lanterns, string lights, and tiki torches add that festive touch that completes the event décor. All of these little touches combined together can turn a tent into a festive space for your next outdoor party and tie seamlessly into your design.