Top 10 In 2016

It’s the New Year and do you know what that means? It’s time to share EventAccents’ top 10 rental items of 2016. Ready?


kool. Glowing Spheres (from $60)
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This lighted sphere can be placed on the ground to create a lighted walkway, hung overhead to light a room, and can float in water. Can be lit in any color. You can also brand the sphere with your company logo or custom design for more aesthetic appeal.


.kool Hugo Ottoman ($200)
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This sturdy yet comfortable ottoman seats up to eight Guests and can be used traditionally, mixed among sofas and tables, or can be used as a large coffee style table for a richer feel.


Farm Tables ($100)
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Available in three different sizes to fit in almost every space needed, our Farm Tables are the quintessential décor piece offering a natural wooded rustic charm.


Dance Floor ($2.50 per square foot)
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Our white laminate dance floor is versatile and can be personalized by including logos, pictures and colors.


Wicker Lounge Set ($395)
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Let your Guests sit in style at your next event or wedding with our wicker furniture. You can rent this furniture for any indoor or outdoor occasion. Includes 2 corner seats, 1 single seat, 1 ottoman without cushion, five throw pillows (colors customizable) and 4 cubes (available in orange, green, blue, black and white).


kool. Geo High Top Cocktail Table ($100)
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The Geo Highboy Cocktail Table is the kool. standard. This sleek design is one of our most flexible products and is perfect for any cocktail lounge environment, pool party, or for a dynamic breakout area during a conference. 36 inch etched square top can be added for an additional $50.00.


Leatherette Lounge Set ($855)
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Sleek and contemporary, our leatherette lounge set is perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. Set includes 1 large white leatherette ottoman with backrest, 2 white leatherette benches and 4 white end tables.


kool. Capri Lounge Set ($875)
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Versatile and stylish, the entire Capri line is perfect for your next after-party, general seating for a conference session, or for Guests to lounge in at a wedding reception. Available in white leather. Includes 1 sofa, 2 chairs, 1 coffee table and 2 end tables.


kool. Geo Curved Bar ($600)
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It’s true what they say… Curvy bars have more fun and the new Geo Curved Bar is the life of the party! Use these beautiful serpentine shaped Geo bars to serve cocktails, as a trendy registration station, or line multiple Geo Curved Bars end to end to create division between lounge vignettes or as decorative room barriers. Can be lit most colors.

And, our #1 rental item of 2016 was…


kool. Shadow Chair ($20)
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The kool. Shadow Chair adds that ultra-trendy touch to any dining table! Available in clear acrylic, the armless Shadow Chair is sturdier than most chairs of this design. Perfect for dining tables, registration tables, or as an upgrade for a general assembly.